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Whois Tools 1.0

Whois Tools is a free WHOIS and DNS lookup application. The application is particularly useful to web designers and developers for looking up Whois and DNS information for the domain or IP address of their choice, checking the correctness of domain binding to a host, checking mail settings and searching for the contact information of the website owner.

Using Whois Tools is absolutely simple. Just open the application and type in the keyword into the field and see what comes up.

With Whois Tools, you can:

1. Look up whois information on the domain or IP address of choice
2. Determine the IP address of a website
3. Determine the domain registrar (e.g. Network Solutions LLC for Madonna.com)
4. Find the geographic location of the server by a website address (e.g. USA for Google.com)
5. Find the geographic location by IP address (e.g. USA for
6. Determine the hostname from an IP address
7. Find the DNS servers for a website
8. Look up mail MX records for a website
9. Find the Hostmaster email for a website

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Version 1.0 for Windows. Freeware.


To look up information about a website, follow these steps:

1. Run Whois Tools.
2. Enter a website address or IP into the search box, and then click WHOIS!

The program queries online databases and shows all relevant information about the website or IP address.

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